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Expect the unexpected

... has been the motto for us and for our clients since the creation of the Outsert Center back in 1994. The heritage of the great Dutch technology giant Philips Electronics still runs in our veins. Continuously looking ahead and developing new client applications for our technology has helped us grow to our present turnover of around 70 million euros with around 400 employees on three continents.

Even though our former locked-in Philips market has all but disappeared over the past years, we have been able to present double-digit annual growth per year since the carve out in 2004, focussing on our clients in the automotive, medical and industrial appliances markets.

Our mission

Our mission is to remain in our market-leading position in development and production of hybrid (electro-)mechanical components and actively assist our customers through the complete chain of development up to mass production. This is supported by partnerships with clients’ Research & Development centers, an active patent strategy of TB&C Group and continuous training of our employees. Based on this knowledge we can specifically work out individual concepts and solutions for the costumers considering the quality and cost standards.

Our long-term customer relationships stand out by an intensive collaboration in planning and development processes, high flexibility in implementing customer wishes as well as problem solving orientation and focus.
The business confidence and satisfaction of our customers is documented in the implemented concepts and innovative mass products. And we are proud of this!