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Wind deflector

Net wind deflector for sunroofs

A net wind deflector for sunroofs prevents annoying noises and humming when driving at high speeds with an open sunroof. TB&C Group produces millions of these novel and complex hybrid parts as part of its fourth product generation. They basically consist of two or more springs, a metal insert, the actual net and a molding consisting of reinforced and UV stabilized plastics.

2K applications, decorative surfaces and component assembly are also possible with this product. Cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved compared to common sewn and mounted wind deflectors. The complete manufacturing solution, including advanced turntable technology, 3D tube bending machine and laser cutting machine for the nets, is provided by TB&C Group.

International production is based on tooling and components supplied from our engineering center in Herborn, Germany, combined with local injection molding and assembly.