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Industrial case

Zeiss: Rear wall projection unit

The current component consists of three elements. The basic die-cast element with various rework processes for the insertion of the lens system, die-cast heat sink and a plastic component as the cover. Reworking was carried out with multi-axes milling machines with limited capacity.
However, with the Outsert option, the individual elements were combined in one single component. Reworking was not required. The capacity was clearly enhanced.

Besides the partial thermal stress of approx. 160°C in the area of the light source, the requirements also included precise positioning of the individual lenses in the optical light path. The contact surfaces of the later mounted DMD chip were calibrated in the injection molding tool. Subsequent adjustment of the DMD chip and optical light path was, therefore, not required. This requirement could be met by the application of LCP plastic and molded metal support elements made of steel.