This year three young people started their apprenticeship at TB&C Group , a medium-sized enterprise in Herborn-Burg.

As part of an information day before the beginning of the in-house training, TB&C CEO Hartmut Groos welcomed the new trainees and their families and was looking forward to a good and informative time for them. “We are delighted to be able to help young people with their first steps into a professional life. We want to give young people prospects by providing them high quality education and as a result of that that we can gain young talents for our company“, so CEO Hartmut Groos.

Each year TB&C offers various job trainings in the industrial sector, where TB&C works closely together with the C+P training centre in Breidenbach. This year, for the first time, there is a trainee in the business administration sector, who started her work as an industrial clerk.

The TB&C Group is primarily specialized in “hybrid technology“. This manufacturing method combines parts made of metal and those of synthetic material in one single process step. As a leading supplier to the automotive industry, the company is growing steadily with its currently approximately 350 employees. Since December 2010 there are 3 locations, one in Herborn Burg and a production facility in Arad, Romania and Puebla, Mexico. For 2016 TB&C will also open a production facility in China.

Further information on training opportunities and job vacancies can be found on the company’s website and at public institutions.