TB&C opens a second location in America

On February 25, 2011 TB&C Outsert celebrated the official opening of its new plant in Puebla (Mexico). The processor of metal-plastics compounds has invested approximately $2m to construct the plant with a total area of ca. 1,500 m2.

At the beginning of January, production started up; the first wind reflectors have already been manufactured for our customers. “It is our goal to have our production within immediate proximity of our customers; with the opening of the plant in Mexico we have come much closer to reaching this goal,” said the Managing Director (CEO) at TB&C, Hartmut Groos.
The Production Manager Jürgen Kossmehl is enthusiastic: ”I am very proud to have been able to participate in the supervision of the complete production process here from the very start. It is amazing to see to what extent both staff members and production have developed up to this date, and our customers’ feedback is entirely positive.”
To enhance the desired proximity to the customer, in 2011 we plan to move more tools to the second plant.