The TB&C Outsert Center GmbH, which is located at a business park in Herborn Burg since 2006, is still growing.

The company is a specialist in production of metal and plastic components and assembly groups.  TB&C invested into additional 700 m² of manufacturing and stock areas in order to meet future challenges.

Since 2006 the employment figures have increased by 40% to appr. 135 staff members. Furthermore TB&C investedaround 350.000 Euros into a new turntable injection moulding machine. In mid of October the machine arrived in Herborn and was placed with a heavy-duty crane on its new location.

TBC-Maschine2011-09-klk.Bur1-800x534-138x92The machine, which has a weight of 18 tons, was purchased for the production of winddeflectors of the VW platform andcomprehends eight different models. These winddeflectors are part of roof systems for cars, which prevent noises (“humming”) by the wind, during driving with open sunroof and higher speeds. The launch of production is scheduled for the end of 2011. In 2012 the production will increase up to est. 400.000 winddeflectors per year.