For a successful company, quality management is very important. Due to this fact, TB&C Group has written down their fundamental guidelines of their quality policy.

  • Customer orientation
  • Management
  • Comprehension of employees and customers
  • Process orientation (processes)
  • System orientation (organisation)
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Relevant approach (controlled by audits)
  • Long-term supplier relations

These quality standards are subject to continuous improvements to guarantee the greatest possible safety for our customers and internal processes. The entirely quality process has been controlled by our certificates ISO/TS 16949:2002 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 . 




Quality Policy of the Sales & Project office (e. g. TB&C Technology GmbH)

According to our slogan „We Live Quality“ we pledge ourselves to strive for quality in all aspects, ensuring customer satisfaction and thereby strengthening our position in the market.

Not only do we want to be a world-class supplier, moreover we also want to be an appreciated partner to our customers, providing them with added value and excellent service – from the initial request to the end of a project.

To reach these targets and become a world-class supplier we constantly need to evolve our organization and develop our employees as well as capable and reliable sub-suppliers. Furthermore our processes need to be shaped in a robust and sustainable way while we persistently improve our technologies and methods.

We take on responsibility for

1. ... putting the interests of our customers first. All our processes are built to enthuse our customers. To keep up with our customers we constantly monitor and improve our processes.

2. ... creating development opportunities for our employees. We believe that our employees are the key to our success and encourage quality awareness within our whole organization.

3. ... not only achieving our own requirements and targets but also help our suppliers achieve the same standards. We build partnerships with our suppliers and embed those within our quality strategy.

4. ... investing in our processes and infrastructure. We believe that only high-quality equipment and robust processes can deliver first class results.


Quality Policy of the production plants (e. g. TB&C Outsert Center GmbH)

Under the motto "We Live Quality!" we commit ourselves to a holistic quality endeavor, which has a high customer satisfaction with the significant target of a consolidated market position.

Quality has to be planned, lived and repeatedly adapted to customer requirements. That is why all employees are involved in the constant improvement of products and processes. Regular Q-Forums and Q-Strategy meetings support this approach.
To meet this requirement, we commit to following guidelines below:

1. Customer orientation
Our targets that are newly specified each year are aimed at understanding current and future customers, and meeting their requirements. Accordingly, we also endeavour to exceed customer expectations and therefore improve our market position and secure the company’s economic efficiency.

2. Management
Management will create the framework for specifying and evaluating targets and individual goals of relevance to quality to achieve improvements in quality figures on an ongoing basis.
This also requires provision of the necessary funds.

3. Incorporation of persons
We promote the quality know-how and awareness of our employees at all levels by way of ongoing further and advanced training. All employees are incorporated in ongoing improvements.

4. Process orientation
The manner in which we direct and control our organisation is geared towards processes, i.e. from the customer / to the customer.

5. System orientation
We regard our process-oriented management as an integral part of our company management, and ensure that it is implemented in all positions and at all levels in specific targets and codes of conduct.

6. Ongoing improvements
We regard measures geared towards ongoing improvement as our constant aim to further develop our company.

7. Relevant approach
By way of regular audits of our management system, we determine whether or not the specified requirements are met. Corrective measures are introduced if variations are identified. This also means regular monitoring of the key performance indicators for meeting the quality requirement, cost and delivery performance by way of BBSC.

8. Supplier relations
We regard our suppliers as partners and work jointly with them on ongoing improvements in respect of the quality, cost and delivery performance.