Our strength does not just lie in the reliable low cost production of functional units. We integrate all processes from design, mould construction and prototype manufacturing to serial production into an efficient workflow.

Specific application areas for Outsert technology are:

  • high precision automotive parts
  • weight reduction
  • chassis-applications with high demands to stability
  • integration of electromechanical functions
  • substitution of die cast metal parts (aluminium, magnesium)
  • substition of full plastic parts with stability or strenght issues
  • substitution of heavy duty steel parts (welded, thick punched, machined, forged)
  • high precision, low cost joint constructions

In judging whether Outsert technology is applicable, generally the following issues need to be evaluated:

  • high volume (due to cost of tool), generally > 10.000 parts annually
  • close tolerances, high quality
  • high stress
  • early involvement in development, as the outsert technology needs a certain of freedom in order to reach its full potential

Generally one can say that the higher the intergration of functions in the outsert design, the higher the cost saving potential is.

Patent strategy
TB&C Outsert Center has a patent strategy where promising new developments are registered for use in Europe and the US.

Core Know-How
As the tooling for stamping and injection moulding incorporates a great amount of practical experience, collected over the past 30 years, TB&C Outsert Center has developed a coherent and proven set of design rules for her technology and more specifically for the toolbuilding.