Outsert technology combines the advantages from steel and plastic to reduce or even eliminate the disadvantages if they´re used solely.

"Form follows function" – this common saying statement almost does not apply to us. With outsert technology form and function of the molded parts are almost unlimited. Outsert moulding unites in one process bending and punching of metal base plates with injection moulding of functional elements from engineering plastics. Even flexible parts (levers, gear wheels) can be attached to the metal base plates in one shot. Thanks to high precision toolings the production process itself is amazingly simple.

Outsert technology is characterized by:

• highly-integrated production processes

• complex functions of the individual parts

• high precision and repeatability

Furthermore Hybrid technology provides astonishing cost benefits. Compared to conventional assembling with its logistics benefits up to 70% were achieved in the past – with no lack of quality. At most the product quality is even better afterwards.

Our strength does not just lie in the reliable low cost production of functional units. We integrate all processes from design, mould construction and prototype manufacturing to serial production into an efficient workflow.

Specific application areas for Outsert technology are:

  • high precision automotive parts
  • weight reduction
  • chassis-applications with high demands to stability
  • integration of electromechanical functions
  • substitution of die cast metal parts (aluminium, magnesium)
  • substition of full plastic parts with stability or strenght issues
  • substitution of heavy duty steel parts (welded, thick punched, machined, forged)
  • high precision, low cost joint constructions

In judging whether Outsert technology is applicable, generally the following issues need to be evaluated:

  • high volume (due to cost of tool), generally > 10.000 parts annually
  • close tolerances, high quality
  • high stress
  • early involvement in development, as the outsert technology needs a certain of freedom in order to reach its full potential

Generally one can say that the higher the intergration of functions in the outsert design, the higher the cost saving potential is.